Founded in 2019, Quantum Farma is the first independent distribution cannabis company in South American with a well-established pharmaceutical distribution network prepared to sell and market throughout Argentina its third party GMP (Good Manufacturing products) And Non-GMP products to pharma customers, including hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and all pharmacies in Argentina as soon as local laws and regulations allows for it.

From its headquarters in Buenos Aires Quantum Farma and its related companies work continuously to professionalize the medical cannabis market, eliminate stigmatization and to permanently look for reduced prices to open the cannabis market to all kind of patients.
Quantum Farma is prepared to be a full service provider for all aspects of medical cannabis sales: we can assist in communicating with authorities, certification processes, project and process management and all matters in the area of regulatory affairs.

Quantum Farma has established a distribution partnership with Farma24 (a distributor and pharmacy manager) through which we have direct access to more than 90 pharmacies in Buenos Aires and indirectly to close to 7000 pharmacies. This has been accomplished via a JV agreement with one of the largest distributor of medical products in the region and the only integrated entity with 13 distribution centers in Argentina. This provides Quantum Farma access to a unique platform including an online sales channel for the distribution of our GMP cannabis products as soon as local laws allow for it.

Quantum Farma only distributes GMP cannabis products of the highest quality produced under the most strict standards prevailing in the industry